Mihail Sadoveanu (1880-1961)

Death: 19th October 1961
Location: Cimitirul Bellu, Bucharest, Bucuresti Municipality, Romania
Cause of death: Stroke
Photo taken by: Britchi Mirela
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Romanian novelist, short story writer, journalist and political figure, who twice served as acting head of state for the communist republic (1947–1948 and 1958). One of the most prolific Romanian-language writers, he is remembered mostly for his historical and adventure novels, as well as for his nature writing. His books are generally set in the historical region of Moldavia, building on themes from Romania's medieval and early modern history. Among them are Neamul Șoimăreștilor / The Șoimărești Family, Frații Jderi / The Jderi Brothers and Zodia Cancerului / Under the Sign of the Crab. His children, Profira and Paul-Mihu Sadoveanu, also pursued careers as writers.