The final resting place of the following writers is unknown. If you know what happened to them after their death please email us.

Aiken, Joan (1924-2004) - English author of children's novels, including The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase.
Akavia, Miriam (1927-2015) – Polish-born Israeli writer.
Alberto, Eliseo (1951-2011) - Cuban-born Mexican novelist.
Asimov, Isaac (Айзек Азимов) (1920-1992) - Russian born American Science fiction author.
Aslan, Ibrahim (1935-2012) - Egyptian novelist.
Auchincloss, Louis (1917-2010) – American lawyer, novelist, historian, and essayist.
Rev. W. (1911-1997) - creator of  Thomas the Tank Engine.

Bagley, Desmond (1923-1983) - journalist and thriller writer.
Banks, L.A. (1959-2011) - American author of the Vampire Huntress Legend series.
Bardin, John Franklin (1916-1981) - American crime writer, author of The Deadly Percheron.
Barkhouse, Joyce (1913-2012) - Canadian author of children's fiction.
Barstow, Stan (1928-2011) - English novelist, author of A Kind of Loving.
Bashford, Henry Howarth (1880-1961) – English author of Augustus Carp.
Bawden, Nina (1925-2012) – British author of children’s fiction, including Carrie's War.
Baxt, George (1923-2003) – American crime fiction author, created the gay black detective, Pharoah Love.
Bayley, John (1925-2015) – British literary critic, husband of Iris Murdoch.
Behm, Marc (1925-2007) – American novelist, author of The Eye of the Beholder.
Bêkes, Şêrko (1940-2013) – Kurdish poet.
Belov, Vasily (1932-2012) - Russian writer, poet and dramatist.
Bentley, E. C. (1875-1956) - English novelist, inventor of the clerihew, a form of humorous verse.
Berenstain, Jan (1923-2012) - American co-creator of the children's book series the Berenstain Bears.
Beresford, Elizabeth (1926-2012) - British author of children's books, creator of The Wombles.
Berkeley, Anthony (1893-1971) – English crime writer. He wrote under several pen-names, including Francis Iles.
Bernlef, J. (1937-2012) - Dutch writer.
Bersianik,Louky (1930-2011) - French Canadian novelist.
Binchy, Maeve (1940-2012) – Irish popular novelist.
Bingham, John (1908-1988) - English thriller writer, he worked for MI5, and was reportedly the inspiration for John LeCarre's character George Smiley.
Blair, Iain (1942-2011) - Scottish novelist who wrote romance novels using the pen name Emma Blair.
Blyton, Enid (1897-1968) - British author of children’s fiction.
Boileau, Pierre (1906-1989) – French author who, along with Thomas Narcejac, wrote under the nom de plume Boileau-Narcejac.
Booth, Pat (1943-2009) – English model who turned her hand to writing racy romance novels.
Boswell, James (1740-1795) - diarist and author,best known for his biography of Samuel Johnson.
Brand, Christianna (1907-1988) – British crime writer and author of the children's series Nurse Matilda, filmed as Nanny McPhee.
Braun, Lillian Jackson (1913-2011) - American author of The Cat Who... series.
Brooke-Rose, Christine (1923-2012) - British writer and literary critic, best known for her experimental novels.
Brown, Fredric (1906-1972) – American science fiction and mystery writer.
Butler, Gwendoline (1922-2013) - British author of crime fiction.

Carew, Jan (1920-2012) - Guyana-born novelist, playwright and poet.
Carpelan, Bo (1926-2011) - Finnish poet and author; twice recipient of the Finlandia Prize.
Carr, J. L. (1912-1994) – English author of the Booker nominated A Month in the Country(1980).
Caspary, Vera (1899-1987) - American writer; Laura, her best-known novel, was filmed in 1944.
Cassady, Carolyn (1923-2013) – American writer, associated with the Beat Generation.
Cavanna, François (1923-2014) - French author and journalist.
Celal, Peride (1916-2013) – Turkish author.
Charteris, Leslie (1907-1993) – Chinese-English author of books featuring Simon Templar, alias The Saint.
Chattopadhyaya, Mohit (1934-2012) - Bengali Indian playwright, screenwriter and poet.
Cheng Naishan (1946-2013) – Shanghai writer author of the semi-autobiographical novel The Blue House.
Chin Shunshin (1924-2015) – Taiwanese-Japanese novelist, recipient of the 7th Edogawa Rampo Award
Chmielewska, Joanna (1932-2013) – Polish novelist and screenwriter.
Clancy, Tom (1947-2013) - Bestselling American thriller writer.
Clarke, Pauline (1921-2013) – English children’s author.
Cleary, Jon (1917-2010) - Australian writer, author of detective fiction featuring Sydney Police Inspector Scobie Malone.
Clement, Blaize (1932-2011) - American author of the Dixie Hemingway mystery novels.
Compton-Burnett, Ivy (1884-1969) - English novelist, recipient of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Mother and Son.
Connell, Evan S. (1924-2013) - American novelist, author of Mrs Bridge (1959) and Mr Bridge (1969).
Consolo, Vincenzo (1933-2012) - Italian author, winner of the Strega Prize.
Coolidge, Susan (1835-1905) – American author of the classic children's novel What Katy Did(1872).
Cooper, William (1910-2002) – English novelist, author of Scenes from Provincial Life(1950).
Corti, Eugenio (1921-2014) - Italian writer.
Courtenay, Bryce (1933-2012) - Australian author of novel The Power of One.
Craighead George, Jean (1919-2012) - American author of books for young adults, recipient of the Newbery Medal.
Crews, Harry (1935-2012) - American playwright, novelist and essayist.
Crichton, Michael (1942-2008) – American best-selling author of science-fiction and thrillers.
Crumley, James (1939-2008) – American hardboiled crime novelist, author of The Last Good Kiss(1978).

Daniels, Les (1943-2011) - American historian of comic books and author of horror novels.
Dashwood, Rosamund (1924-2007) - daughter of English writer E. M. Delafield, author of Provincial Daughter(1961).
Davidson, Lionel (1922-2009) – English author of spy thrillers.
Davis, L.J. (1940-2011) - American writer whose novels focused on Brooklyn.
Delaney, Shelagh (1938-2011) - English dramatist, author of A Taste of Honey.
de Villiers, Gérard (1929-2013) – French author of spy novels.
Dibdin, Michael (1947-2007) – British crime novelist, best known for his Aurelio Zen series.
Dobbs, Kildare (1923-2013) – Canadian short-story and travel writer.
Douglass, Sara (1957-2011) - Australian author of fantasy fiction.
Dourado, Autran (1926-2012) - Brazillian novelist and recipient of the Goethe Prize.
Dragomoshchenko, Arkadii (Арка́дий Драгомо́щенко) (1946-2012) - Russian poet and translator.
Dürrenmatt, Friedrich (1921-1990) – Swiss author and dramatist.

Eddings, David (1931-2009)- American author of epic-fantasy novels.
Einan, Ellen (1931-2013) – Norwegian poet, winner of the Aschehoug Prize.
el-Bisatie, Mohamed (1937-محمد البساطي)(2012) - Egyptian novelist and short story writer.
Ellin, Stanley (1916-1986) - American mystery writer, recipient of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award.
Elstad, Anne Karin (1938-2012) - Norwegian author of the Julie series of novels.
Estep, Maggie (1963-2014) - American writer.
Etherege, George (1636-1692) – English dramatist, author of Restoration comedy.

Fante, John (1909-1983) – American writer, author of Ask the Dust.
Fearing, Kenneth (1902-1961) – American poet and novelist, author of The Big Clock.
Fink, Ida (1921-2011) - Israeli Polish language author who wrote on Holocaust themes.
Flores, Marco Antonio (1937-2013) – Guatemalan author and poet.
Forrester, Helen (1919-2011) - English author known for her memoirs of Liverpool during the Great Depression.
Fowles, John (1926-2005) – English novelist, author of The French Lieutenant's Woman.
Fox, Hugh (1932-2011) - American author and poet; co-founder of the Pushcart Prize.
Fraser, George MacDonald (1925-2008) – English author, best known for his Flashman series of novels.
Freeling, Nicolas (1927-2003) – English crime novelist, best known for the Van der Valk series.
Fruttero, Carlo (1926-2012) - Italian author, known for co-authoring crime novels.

Galvin, Patrick (1927-2011) - Irish writer, best known for his memoir Song for a Raggy Boy.
Garnett, Angelica (1918-2012) - Bloomsbury group member, recipient of the J.R. Ackerley Prize for Autobiography.
Garrett, George (1929-2008) – American poet and novelist. He was the Poet Laureate of Virginia from 2002 to 2006.
Gay, William (1941-2012) - American novelist and short story writer.
Gebre-Egziabher, Sebhat (1936-2012) - Ethiopian author of fiction and non fiction in French and Amharic.
Gelman, Juan (1930-2014) - Argentine poet.
Gerhardie, William (1895-1977) - British novelist and playwright.
Gilbert, Michael (1912-2006) - British mystery and thriller writer, author of the novel Smallbone Deceased.
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins (1860-1935) - American writer, author of semi-autobiographical short story The Yellow Wallpaper.
Gilman, Dorothy (1923-2012) - American author of the Mrs. Pollifax series of spy novels.
Glissant, Édouard (1928-2011) - French novelist and literary critic.
Godden, Rumer (1907-1998) – English author, best-known for writing Black Narcissus(1939).
González, Ángel (1925-2008) – Spanish poet, recipient of the Príncipe de Asturias Prize.
Gores, Joe (1931-2011) - Edgar Award winning American mystery writer.
Gosse, Edmund (1849-1928) – English poet, novelist and critic.
Gover, Robert (1929-2015) – American journalist and novelist.
Granger, Bill (1941-2012) - American author of political thrillers.
Graves, John (1920-2013) – American author of Goodbye to a River.
Gray, Dulcie (1915-2011) - British actress and mystery novelist.
Grealy, Lucy (1963-2002) - American poet and memoirist who wrote Autobiography of a Face(1994).
Green, Henry (1905-1973) - English novelist, his best known works are Living(1929) and Loving (1945).
Greenwood, Walter (1903-1974) - English novelist, best known for the socially influential novel Love On The Dole(1933).
Grossmith, Weedon (1854-1919)- actor and co-author of The Diary of a Nobody.
Guy, Rosa (1922-2012) - American writer of fiction for adults and young people.

Haasse, Hella (1918-2011) - Dutch author of The Tea Lords.
Hailey, Arthur (1920-2004) - British/Canadian novelist, author of Hotel (1965) and Airport (1968).
Haines, John (1924-2011) - Poet Laureate of Alaska.
Hall, Oakley (1920-2008) - American novelist, best known for Warlock(1958).
Hamilton, Patrick (1904-1962) - English author and playwright, best known for Rope(1929) and Hangover Square (1941).
Han Suyin (1916-2012) - Chinese born author of memoir and novels.
Hansen, Joseph (1923-2004) - American crime writer, known for his series starring gay private eye Dave Brandstetter.
Hare, Cyril (1900-1958) - English judge and crime writer, his best known novel is Tragedy at Law(1942).
Harrison, William (1933-2013) – American novelist and short story writer.
Hartley, L. P. (Leslie Poles) (1895-1972) - British novelist, his best-known novel is The Go-Between(1953).
Hastings, Michael (1838-2011) - British playwright, author of Tom and Viv.
Hazai, Attila (1967-2012) - Hungarian author and translator.
Heide, Florence Parry (1919-2011) - American children's novelist, author of The Shrinking of Treehorn.
Herbert, James (1943-2013) - English horror novelist, best known for The Rats (1974) and The Fog (1975).
Herlihy, James Leo (1927-1993) - American novelist, playwright and actor; author of Midnight Cowboy.
Hermans, W.F. (1921-1995) - Dutch author.
Heyer, Georgette (1902-1974)- British historical romance and detective fiction novelist.
Higgins, George V. (1939-1999) - American crime novelist, noted for realistic dialogue, as in The Friends of Eddie Coyle.
Hijuelos, Oscar (1951-2013) – American Pulitzer Prize winning novelist.
Hill, Reginald (1936-2012) - English crime writer, author of the Dalziel and Pascoe novels.
Hoban, Russell (1925-2011) - American author of Riddley Walker.
Hoffman, Daniel (1923 –2013)– 22nd Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress.
Horvat, Joža (1915-2012) - Croatian writer.
Household, Geoffrey (1900-1988) - British thriller writer, known for his novel Rogue Male (1939).
Howard, Elizabeth Jane (1923-2014) - English novelist.
Hughes, Dorothy B. (1904-1993) - American crime writer, known for the novel Ride the Pink Horse(1946).
Hume, Fergus (1859-1932) - English novelist, best known for The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab (1886).
Hungerford, T.A.G (1915-2011)- Australian author of WWII fiction.

Ibbotson, Eva (1925-2010) - Children's novelist, known for The Secret of Platform 13(1994)and Journey to the River Sea (2001).
Iles, Francis (1893-1971) - Pen name of English crime writer Anthony Berkeley, known for Malice Aforethought(1931).
Infante, Guillermo Cabrera (1929-2005) - Cuban novelist, known for the novel Tres Tristes Tigres / Three Trapped Tigers (1967).
Innes, Michael (1906-1994) - pseudonym used by J.I.M. Stewart, Scottish crime novelist and creator of Sir John Appleby.

Jacobsen, Steinbjørn B. (1937-2012) - Faroese writer, recipient of the Faroese Literature Prize.
Jacques, Brian (1939-2011) - British children's author who wrote the Redwall series.
James, Donald (1931-2008) - British writer, author of the Inspector Vadim series.
Jenkins, Nigel (1949-2014) - Welsh poet.
Jenkins, Robin (1912-2005) - Scottish author whose best known novel was The Cone-gatherers.
Jesse, F. Tennyson (Fryniwyd)(1888-1958) - English criminologist, journalist and author, known for A Pin to See the Peepshow.
Jeury, Michel (1934-2015) – French author of Science Fiction. 
Joensuu, Matti Yrjänä (1948-2011) - Finnish crime fiction writer, recipient of the Martin Beck Award.
Jones, Diana Wynne (1934-2011) - British author of fantasy novels for children.
Jūgatsu Toi (1948-2013) – Japanese travel writer.

Kaçan, Metin (1961–2013) - Turkish author, best known for his novel Ağır Roman / Cholera Street.
Kalimugogo, Godfrey (1943-2015) – Ugandan novelist.
Kaye, M. M. (1908-2004) - British writer, author of The Far Pavilions.
Keating, H.R.F. (1926-2011) - British crime writer who wrote the Inspector Ghote series.
Keilson, Hans (1909-2011) - Dutch-German author who died aged 101.
Kemp, Gene (1926-2015) – British children’s author.
Kendall, Carol (1917-2012) – American author of children’s books.
Kersh, Gerald (1911-1968) - British writer, known for the crime thriller Night and the City(1938).
Kidde, Rune T. (1957-2013) – Danish writer.
King, Francis (1923-2011) - British novelist, poet and short story writer.
King-Smith, Dick (1922-2011) - English children's author who created Babe.
Kirsch, Sarah (1935-2013) – German poet.
Koch, Christopher (1932-2013) – Award winning Australian novelist.
Koestler, Arthur (1905-1983) - Hungarian-British author and journalist, known for his novel Darkness at Noon (1940).
Kōichi Iijima (飯島耕一) (1930-2013) - Japanese poet and novelist.
Komatsu, Sakyo (1931-2011) - Japanese author of Science-Fiction.
Konigsburg, E. L. (1930-2013) – American author and illustrator of children’s books.
Konwicki, Tadeusz (1926-2015) – Polish writer and film director. 
Krese, Maruša (1947–2013) - Slovene poet, writer and journalist.
Kristóf, Ágota (1935-2011) - Hungarian-born French novelist.
Kroetsch, Robert (1927-2011) - Canadian novelist and poet; recipient of the Governor General's Literary Award.
Kumin, Maxine (1925-2014) - American Pulitzer Prize winning poet.

La Fayette, Madame de (1634-1693) - French writer, author of La Princesse de Clèves / The Princess of Cleves, France's first historical novel.
Laviera, Tato (1950-2013) – Nuyorican poet.
Legat, Michael (1923-2011) - British romance novelist.
Léger, Jack-Alain (1947-2013) – French musician and novelist.
Lehmann, Rosamond (1901-1990) - British novelist, known for her first novel, Dusty Answer (1927).
Lemebel, Pedro (1952-2015) – Chilean essayist and novelist.
Leonard, Elmore (1925-2013) – American crime novelist.
Lessing, Doris (1919-2013) - British Nobel Prize winning novelist.
Levin, Ira (1929-2007) - American novelist, known for Rosemary's Baby(1967), The Stepford Wives(1972) and The Boys From Brazil (1976).
Lewis, Norman (1908-2003) - prolific British writer best known for his travel writing.
Linney, Romulus (1930-2011) - American playwright.
Livi, Grazia (1930-2015) – Italian author and journalist.
Llewellyn, Richard (1906-1983) - British novelist, author of How Green Was My Valley(1939).
Logue, Christopher (1926-2011)- English poet, author of Homer: War Music.
Lomax, Eric (1919-2012) – Former army officer who wrote about his experiences in The Railway Man.
Longden, Deric (1936-2013) – English autobiographical author.
Lustig, Arnošt (1926-2011) - Czech Jewish recipient of the Franz Kafka Prize.

MacDonald, Betty (1908-1958) - American author of humourous autobiographical tales, such as The Egg and I(1945).
Mahy, Margaret (1936-2012) – New Zealand author of Children’s and young adult fiction.
Marcinkevičius, Justinas (1930-2011) - Lithuanian poet and recipient of the Lithuanian National Prize.
Maris, Bernard (1946-2015) – French journalist and novelist, murder victim. 
Matheson, Richard (1926-2013) – American author of I Am Legend.
McBain, Ed (Evan Hunter) (1926-2005) - American crime writer, author of the 87th Precinct crime series.
McCabe, Cameron (1915-1995) - Pseudonym of German Crime writer Ernest Bornemann, best known for The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor(1937).
McCullough, Colleen (1937-2015) – Australian author, best known for The Thorn Birds (1977).
Mcdonald, Gregory (1937-2008) - American mystery writer best known for his creation of the character Fletch
McKuen, Rod (1933-2015) – American poet and singer.
Mertz, Barbara (1927-2013) - American author of gothic and supernatural thrillers using the pseudonym Barbara Michaels and author of the Amelia Peabody series of crime novels using the pseudonym Elizabeth Peters.
Metelmann, Henry (1922-2011) - German author of the memoir Through Hell for Hitler.
Michiels, Ivo (1923-2012) - Belgian poet and novelist.
Mikihiko Renjō (連城 三紀彦) (1948-2013) – Japanese writer.
Millar, Margaret (1915-1994) - American-Canadian mystery and suspense writer, her novel Beast In View(1955) received 1956 Edgar Award for Best Novel.
Miller, Isabel (1924-1996) - American author of Lesbian fiction.
Mitchell, Gladys (1901-1983) - English author best known for her Mrs. Bradley detective novels.
Mohrt, Michel (1914-2011) - French writer, member of the Académie française.
Montalbán, Manuel Vázquez (1939-2003) - Spanish writer, known for the Detective Pepe Carvalho series.
Monterroso, Augusto (1921-2003) - Guatemalan writer, recipient of the the Premios Príncipe d'Asturies.
Montoya, José (1932-2013) - Poet laureate of Sacramento.
Monyová, Simona (1967-2011) - Bestselling Czech novelist.
Mrożek, Sławomir (1930-2013) – Polish dramatist.
Multis, Álvaro (1923-2013) – Colombian poet and novelist.
Musa, Carla Porta (1902-2012) - Italian essayist and poet.

Nabb, Magdalen (1947-2007) - British author, best known for the Marshal Guarnaccia detective novels.
Naranjo, Carmen (1928-2012) - Costa Rican novelist, poet and essayist.
Narcejac, Thomas (1908-1998) - French crime fiction writer, who collaborated with Pierre Boileau using the nom de plume Boileau-Narcejac.
Negm, Ahmed Fouad (احمد فؤاد نجم) (1929-2013) – Egyptian vernacular poet.
Nissenson, Hugh (1933-2013) – American novelist.
Niziurski, Edmund (1925-2013) – Polish author.

O’Donnell, Mark (1954-2012) – American author and playwright.
O'Flaherty, Liam (1896-1984) - Irish novelist, author of Thy Neighbour's Wife (1924) and The Informer (1925).
Ogola, Margaret (1958-2011) - Kenyan author of The River and the Source.
Omer, Dvora (דבורה עומר) (1932-2013) – Israeli author.
Orczy, Baroness (1865-1947) - Hungarian-born British novelist, known for her novels featuring the Scarlet Pimpernel.
Oxlade, Boyd (1943-2014) - Australian novelist.

Pacheco, José Emilio (1939-2014) - Mexican poet.
Pagliarani, Elio (1927-2012) - Italian poet and literary critic, member of the avant-garde Gruppo 63 movement.
Palmer, Michael (1942-2013) – American author of medical thrillers.
Panero, Juan Luis (1942-2013) – Spanish poet.
Park Wan-suh (1931-2011) - South Korean novelist and recipient of the Korean Literature Award.
Parker, Robert B. (1932-2010) - American crime writer, best known for his novels featuring private detective Spenser.
Philipp, Peter (1971-2014) - German poet.
Piper, Evelyn (1908-1994) - Pen name of Merriam Modell, American author of pulp fiction, known for Bunny Lake is Missing(1957).
Pohl, Frederik (1919-2013) - American author of Science Fiction.
Pollock, Ida (1908-2013) – British romance novelist.
Potocki, Jan (1761-1815) - Polish nobleman and author, known for the novel The Manuscript Found in Saragossa.
Prévost, Abbé (1697-1763) - French author and novelist.
Preußler, Otfried (1923-2013) - German children's author.
Price, Reynolds (1933-2011) - American novelist, poet and Professor.
Pritchett, V. S. (Victor Sawdon) (1900-1997) - British writer and critic, known for his short stories.

Rabelais, Francois (c.1494-1553) - French Renaissance writer, best known for Gargantua And Pantagruel (1532-1552).
Raes, Hugo (1929-2013) – Belgian writer and poet.
Raymond, Derek (1931-1994) - English crime writer, credited as being the founder of English noir, best known for the Factory series.
Read, Mark Brandon “Chopper” (1954-2013) – Australian criminal and author.
Read, Miss (1913-2012) - English novelist, known for her books set in fictional English villages.
Reading, Peter (1946-2011) - His 1997 collection, Work in Regress, was shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot prize.
Riccarelli, Ugo (1954-2013) - Italian novelist.
Rich, Adrienne (1929-2012) - American feminist poet and essayist.
Richardson, Dorothy (1873-1957) - British author, known for Pointed Roofs (1915), the first complete stream of consciousness novel published in English.
Roberts, Jean-Marc (1954-2013) – French novelist, recipient of the Prix Renaudot.
Rodriguez, Claudio (1934-1999) - Spanish poet, recipient of Premios Príncipe de Asturias.
Rojas, Gonzalo (1917-2011) - Chilean poet who was awarded the Cervantes Prize in 2003.
Rosenberg, Joel (1954-2011) - Canadian author of the Guardians of the Flame series.
Rulfo, Juan (1917-1986) - Mexican writer, best known for the novels Pedro Páramo (1955) and El Llano en llamas (1953).
Russ, Joanna (1937-2011) - American author of the Utopian novel The Female Man.

Sabato, Ernesto (1911-2011) - Argentine writer and recipient of the Miguel de Cervantes Prize.
Sada, Daniel (1953-2011) - Mexican author, recipient of the 2008 Herralde Prize.
Salinger, J. D. (1919-2010) - American writer, best known for his novel The Catcher in the Rye (1951).
Sand, Maurice (1823-1889) - French novelist and son of George Sand.
Sapper (Cyril McNeile) (1888-1937) - British author who created the character Bulldog Drummond.
Savage, Mildred (1919-2011) - American author of Parrish.
Schulberg, Budd (1914-2009) - American screenwriter and novelist, known for the novel What Makes Sammy Run?(1941) and the screenplay for On the Waterfront.
Sclavo, Jorge (1936-2013) – Uruguayan writer, humorist and journalist.
Selby Jr, Hubert (1928-2004) - American writer, best known for Last Exit to Brooklyn (1964) and Requiem for a Dream (1978).
Sendak, Maurice (1928-2012) - American author and illustrator, creator of Where The Wild Things Are.
Seuss, Dr (Theodor Seuss Geisel) (1904-1991) - American writer, poet, and cartoonist, best known for his children's books.
Shakeel, Shabnam (شبنم شکیل ‎) (1942 – 2013) – Pakistani poet, author of Tanqeedi Mazameen.
Shalaby, Khairy (1938-خيري شلبي)-2011) - Egyptian novelist; recipient of the 2002 Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature.
Shapiro, Harvey (1924-2013) - American poet and former editor of The New York Times.
Sharp, Tom (1928-2013) - English satirical novelist.
Sheridan, Frances (1724-1766) - Anglo-Irish novelist and playwright, known for the novel Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph (1761)
Sillitoe, Alan (1928-2010) – English novelist, author of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.
Simpson, Louis (1923-2012) – Jamaican poet, winner of the 1964 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.
Sinclair, May (1863-1946) - British writer, suffragist and critic; the literary term 'stream of consciousness' is attributed to her.
Škvorecký, Josef (1924-2012) - Czech writer and publisher.
Sleator, William (1945-2011) - American author of books for young adults.
Smith, Patrick D. (1927-2014) - English author.
Sosa, Roberto (1930-2011) - Honduran poet who received the Casa de las Americas Prize.
Spender, Stephen (1909-1995) - English poet and United States Poet Laureate.
Spitteler, Carl (1845-1924) – Swiss poet who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1919.
Stead, Christina (1902-1983) - Australian novelist and short-story writer.
Stone, Robert (1937-2015) – American novelist, wrote Dog Soldiers (1974).
Stone, Ruth (1915-2011) - American poet, recipient of the 2002 National Book Award.
Stout, Rex (1886-1975) - American writer of detective fiction, creator of detective Nero Wolfe.
Street, Jonathan (1943-2012) - recipient of the Somerset Maugham Award.
Strittmatter, Eva (1930-2011) - German prose writer.
Strugatsky, Boris (1925-2012) - Russian science fiction author.
Susann, Jacqueline (1918-1974) - American novelist, author of Valley Of The Dolls.
Sussman, Paul (1966-2012) - English archaeologist and writer whose novels are mainly set in Egypt.
Sütő, András (1927-2006) - One of the leading Hungarian writers in the 20th century.
Symons, Julian (1912–1994) – British crime novelist.

Tadić, Novica (1949-2011) - Yugoslavian poet.
Taeko Kōno (河野 多惠子)(1926-2015) – Japanese writer.
Taylor, Elizabeth (1912-1975) - British novelist and short story writer.
Tey, Josephine (1896-1952) - Scottish crime writer, also wrote historical plays as Gordon Daviot.
Thomas, Craig (1942-2011) - Welsh thriller writer.
Thomas, Piri (1928-2011) - Author of Down These Mean Streets.
Thomas, Ruth (1927-2011) - English children's author, recipient of the Guardian Children's Fiction Award.
Thompson, E.V. (1931-2012) – English historical novelist, many of his novels were set in Cornwall.
Tolaas, Jon (1939-2012) – Norwegian poet and novelist.
Torday, Paul (1946-2013) – British author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.
Torrès, Tereska (1920-2012) – French author of the first Lesbian pulp novel.
Traver, Robert (1903-1991) pen name of John D. Voelker, author of Anatomy of a Murder(1958).
Trefulka, Jan (1929-2012) - Czech writer and former dissident.
Trejo, Mario (1926-2012) - Argentine poet, part of the fundamental Poetry Buenos Aires Movement.
Trotzig, Birgitta (1929-2011) - Member of the Swedish Academy.
Tusquets, Esther (1936-2012) – Spanish publisher and novelist.

Unsworth, Barry (1930-2012) – British author of historical fiction, winner of the 1992 Booker Prize.

Vance, Jack (1916-2013) – Hugo award winning American fantasy and science fiction writer.
van de Wetering, Janwillem (1931-2008) Dutch author of detective fiction, creator the Grijpstra and de Gier series.
van Dine, S. S. (1888-1939) - pseudonym of American Willard Huntington Wright, author of crime fiction.
van Rooy, Michael (1968-2011) - Canadian crime novelist.
Varveris, Yannis (1955-2011) - Greek poet, critic and translator.
Vazquez-Rial, Horacio (1947-2012) – Argentine writer and translator.
Vilhjálmsson, Thor (1925-2011) - Icelandinc writer, recipient of the Nordic Council Literature Prize.
Vogelaar, Jacq Firmin (1944-2013) – Dutch author.
Vonnegut Jr., Kurt (1922-2007) - American writer, author of Slaughterhouse 5(1969).

Waber, Bernard (1921-2013) – American author of children’s fiction.
Wagner, Roland Charles (1960-2012) – French author of humorous Science Fiction novels.
Warner, Rex (1905-1986) - English classicist and writer, best remembered for allegorical novel The Aerodrome(1941).
Watson, Stephen (1954-2011) - South African poet.
Webster, John (c.1580–c.1634) - English Jacobean dramatist, author of The Duchess of Malfi.
Wentworth, Patricia (1878-1961) - British crime novelist, author of the Miss Silver mysteries.
Westlake, Donald E. (1933-2008) – Three-time Edgar Award winning American crime writer.
Wharton, William (1925-2008) – American author, best known for his first novel Birdy.
Whitehead, William (1715-1785) English poet and playwright, became Poet Laureate in 1757.
Williams, Miller (1930-2015) – American poet.
Wilson, Angus (1913-1991) - English writer, recipient of the James Tait Black Prize for The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot.
Wilson, Colin (1931-2013) – English writer, author of The Outsider.
Wilson, Snoo (1948-2013) - English playwright.
Wingfield, R. D. (1928-2007) - English author, creator of Detective Inspector Jack Frost.
Winsor, Kathleen (1919-2003) - American author of the romance novel Forever Amber.
Wyndham, John (1903- 1969) - English science fiction author, many of his works were set in post-apocalyptic landscapes.

Yadav, Rajendra (राजेन्द्र यादव) (1929-2013) – Hindi fiction writer.
Yizhar, S (1916-2006) – pen name of Israeli writer Yizhar Smilansky.
Yoran, Shalom (1925-2013) – Holocaust survivor and memoirist.
York, Jake Adam (1972-2012) - American poet.
Yorke, Margaret (1924-2012) - British crime novelist.
Yurick, Sol (1925-2013) - American novelist, author of The Warriors.