Iain Banks / Iain M. Banks (1954-2013)

Loch Shiel, Scotland
Death: 9th June 2013
Location: Cremated. Majority of ashes left in urn and sunk in Loch Shiel. Some ashes put in a rocket and fired over the Forth, some in the Grand Canal in Venice, a small amount sprinkled outside a certain cafe in Paris, and some scattered on a beach in Barra.
Cause of death: Gallbladder Cancer
Photo taken by: Gil Cavalcanti
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Scottish author who wrote mainstream fiction under the name Iain Banks, and science fiction as Iain M. Banks. Following the publication and success of The Wasp Factory (1984), Banks began to write on a full-time basis. His first science fiction book, Consider Phlebas, was released in 1987, marking the start of the popular Culture series. His books have been adapted for theatre, radio and television.