Rafael Alberti (1902-1999)

Death: 28th October 1999
Location: Cremated, ashes scattered over the Bay of Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain
Cause of death: Lung ailment
Photo taken by: Peejayem

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Spanish poet and member of the Generation of ’27. He is considered one of the greatest literary figures of the Silver Age of Spanish Literature and won many prizes and awards. He went into exile after the Spanish Civil War, due to his Marxist beliefs, but he returned to Spain following the death of Franco. In 1983, he was awarded the Premio Cervantes, the Spanish literary world’s highest honour.

Bella Akhmadulina (Бе́лла Ахмаду́лина) (1937-2010)

Death: 29th November 2010
Location: Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow, Russia
Cause of death: Heart disease
Photo taken by: Щербаков4

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Soviet and Russian poet, short story writer and translator. She was part of the Russian New Wave literary movement and was cited by Joseph Brodsky as the best living poet in the Russian language. 

Alexander Tarasov-Rodionov (Алекса́ндр Тара́сов-Родио́нов) (1885-1938)

Death: 3rd September 1938
Location: Kommunarka Mass Execution Site, Kommunarka, Moskovskaya Oblast', Russia
Cause of death: Executed
Photo taken by:

Russian writer known for his novel Chocolate (1922) which was used against him after his arrest in 1937 when he was accused of Trotskyism.  He was executed in 1938 at Kommunarka.

Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893)

Death:  6th July 1893
Location:  Cimetiere de Montparnasse, Paris, France
Cause of Death:  Syphilis
Photo Taken by:  paul in Skellefteå 

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French author who is best remembered for his short stories, but also wrote several novels including Bel-Ami and Pierre et Jean. Maupassant contracted syphilis as a young man which caused him problems in later life. He attempted suicide to escape hallucinations and headaches brought on by syphilis and this resulted in him being declared insane; he died in an asylum aged 42.

Léon Dierx (1838-1912)

Died:  11th June 1912
Location:  Cimetière des Batignolles, Paris, Île-de-France, France
Photo taken by: Mu

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French poet whose works include: Aspirations (1858); Poèmes et poésies (1864); Lèvres closes (1867); Paroles d'un vaincu (1871); La Rencontre (1875) and Les Amants (1879).