Gertrude Stein (1874-1946)

Death: 27th July 1946
Location: Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France
Cause of death: Stomach Cancer
Photo taken by:  Iscao

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American-Jewish writer, poet and art collector who spent most of her life in France. Much of Gertrude Stein's fame derives from a private modern art gallery she assembled, from 1904 to 1913, with her brother Leo Stein.
During the 1920s, her Paris salon at 27 Rue de Fleurus, with walls covered by avant-garde paintings, attracted many of the great writers of the time, including Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Thornton Wilder, and Sherwood Anderson.

In 1933, Stein published a kind of memoir of her Paris years, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, written in the voice of Toklas, her partner. The book became a literary bestseller and vaulted Stein from the relative obscurity of cult literary figure into the light of mainstream attention.

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (芥川 龍之介) (1892-1927)

Death: 24th July 1927
Location: Zōshigaya Reien, Toshima, Tokyo, Kantō, Japan
Cause of death: Suicide – Overdose of barbital
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Japanese writer active in the Taishō period in Japan. He is regarded as the "Father of the Japanese short story" and Japan's premier literary award, 芥川龍之介賞 / the Akutagawa Prize, is named after him. He committed suicide at the age of 35 through an overdose of barbital.

Manuel Puig (1932-1990)

Death: 22nd July 1990
Location: Cementerio de la Plata, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Cause of death: Heart Attack

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Argentine author, best known for the novels La traición de Rita Hayworth / Betrayed by Rita Hayworth (1968), Boquitas pintadas / Heartbreak Tango (1969) and El beso de la mujer araña / Kiss of the Spider Woman (1976), which was made into a film by the Argentine-Brazilian director Héctor Babenco, and in 1993 into a Broadway musical.

Much of Puig's work can be seen as pop art, perhaps due to his work in film and television, Puig managed to create a writing style that incorporated elements of these mediums, such as montage and the use of multiple points of view. He also made much use of popular culture (for example, soap opera) in his works. In Latin American literary histories, he is presented as a writer who belongs to the Postboom and Post-modernist schools.

Æ (George William Russell) (1867–1935)

Death: 17th July 1935
Location: Mount Jerome Cemetery / Reilig Chnoc Ieróim, Harold's Cross, Dublin, Ireland

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Irish nationalist, writer, editor, critic, poet, and painter. His first book of poems, Homeward: Songs by the Way (1894), established him in what was known as the Irish Literary Revival. His collected poems were published in 1913, with a second edition in 1926.

Bernardas Brazdžionis (1907-2002)

 Death: 11th July 2002
Location: Petrašiūnai Cemetery / Petrašiūnų kapinės, Kaunas, Kaunas County, Lithuania
Photo taken by: Matasg

Lithuanian poet. In 1939 he was awarded the State literature prize for his poetry book Kunigaikščių miestas. Patriotic songs based on his poems were performed during the Singing Revolution in Lithuania; the complete edition of Brazdžionis' poetry, Poezijos pilnatis, was sold with great success.