Negley Farson (1890-1960)

Death: 13th December 1960
Location: St George's Churchyard, Georgeham, Devon, England
Photo taken by: Clive and Chris
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American journalist, author and adventurer. He went into journalism and became one of the most renowned foreign correspondents of his day, interviewing Gandhi in India, witnessing bank-robber John Dillinger's body in the morgue just after he had been shot down by Hoover’s men and meeting Hitler, who described Farson’s blond son, Daniel, as a “good Aryan boy.” He wrote the travel book Caucasian Journey (1951) which describes the journey he undertook with writer and adventurer Alexander Wicksteed in the mountains of the western Caucasus in 1929. The story of his life is told in his two volumes of autobiography The Way Of a Transgressor and A Mirror for Narcissus.