Writers who have recently died:

Swedish writer Börge Hellström died on 17th February aged 59; he was best known as one half of the writing duo Roslund & Hellström...Dutch author and illustrator Dick Bruna died on 16th February aged 98; he is best known for his children's books, his most notable creation is Miffy (Nijntje in the original Dutch)...English-Irish poet Tom Raworth died on 8th February aged 78, he was a key figure in the British Poetry Revival....Canadian novelist Richard B. Wright died on 7th February aged 79, he is best known for his award winning novel Clara Callan (2001)...American poet Thomas Lux died on 5th February aged 70...Pakistani novelist Bano Qudsia died on 4th February aged 88, her best known work is Raja Gidh (1981)...Albanian poet and writer Dritëro Agolli died on 3rd February aged 85...African-American novelist William Melvin Kelley died on 1st February aged 79; he is best known for his debut novel, A Different Drummer, published in 1962...Nigerian novelist Buchi Emecheta died on 25th January aged 72, her best known novels include The Bride Price (1976) and The Joys of Motherhood (1979)...British author Douglas Reeman / Alexander Kent died on 23rd January aged 92 he wrote historical fiction about the Royal Navy, mainly set during either World War II or the Napoleonic Wars....Award winning Dutch writer and poet Robert Anker died on 20th January aged 70...Jamaican novelist Peter Abrahams died on 18th January aged 97...South Korean novelist Jung Mikyung died 18th January aged 56...English children's author and illustrator Babette Cole died on 15th January aged 66; her books include Princess Smartypants (1986) and Prince Cinders (1987)...Italian author Giulio Angioni died on 12th January aged 77...American author of The Exorcist (1971), William Peter Blatty, died on 12th January aged 89...

Anne Frank (1929-1945)

Death: March 1945.
Location: Mass grave at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Lower Saxony, Germany.
Cause of death: Typhus
Photo taken by: Arne List

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German born Jewish girl, remembered around the world for her diary which she wrote whilst in hiding in Amsterdam during the German occupation. She was born in Frankfurt, but her family moved to Amsterdam when the Nazis came to power in Germany, but once the occupation extended into the Netherlands the Jewish population was not safe so the family went into hiding with friends in July 1942.
They hid in secret rooms in the office building of Anne’s father, Otto Frank, where they remained for two years. During this time Anne kept a record of her life under Nazi occupation in a diary. In August 1944 they were betrayed by an unknown informant and sent to concentration camps, where Anne and her sister died from typhus in March 1945.
Otto Frank survived and upon returning to Amsterdam he discovered that Anne’s diary had been saved and he had it published. Anne’s diary has become one of the worlds most widely read books and Anne has become one of the most renowned victims of the Holocaust.

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Through Ann Frank we learn the truth of living with hope.