Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

Death: 22nd May 1885.
Location: Panthéon, Paris, France.
Cause of death: Infection.
Photo taken by: David N Lotz
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French poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, statesman, and exponent of the Romantic movement in France. In France, Hugo's literary reputation rests primarily on his poetic and dramatic output and only secondarily on his novels. Among many volumes of poetry, Les Contemplations and La Légende des siècles stand particularly high in critical esteem, and Hugo is sometimes identified as the greatest French poet.   Outside France, his best-known works are the novels Les Miserables and Notre-Dame de Paris / The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.
He shares a crypt within the Panthéon with Alexandre Dumas, père,  and Émile Zola.