George Tabori (1914-2007)

Death: 23rd July 2007
Location:  Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof, Berlin, Germany
Photo taken by:  Jotivio
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Hungarian writer and theater director. He was born in Budapest and traveled to Berlin as a young man, but he was forced to leave Nazi Germany in 1935 due to his Jewish background. He first went to London, where he worked for the BBC and received British citizenship. 
In 1947 he emigrated to the United States, where he became a translator (mainly of works by Bertolt Brecht and Max Frisch) and a screenwriter including Alfred Hitchcock's movie I Confess (1953). His first novel, Beneath The Stone, was published in America in 1945. In 1971, Tabori returned to Germany, where he remained until his death.