Alexander Blok (1880-1921)

Death: 7th August 1921
Location: Volkovskoye Memorial Cemetery, St. Petersburg, Russia
Cause of death: Heart Failure
Photo Taken By: julia and keld
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Russian poet. Born in St. Petersburg into a family of intellectuals he was brought up by relatives after his parents separated.
He was married in 1903 to actress Lyuba Mendeleeva and he wrote about her in his first book of poetry, Verses about the Beautiful Lady, which established him as the leading symbolist poet in Russia. His reputation grew and he was often compared to Alexander Pushkin.  Blok was admired by his colleagues and Boris Pasternak, Vladimir Nabokov and Anna Akhmatova all wrote tributes to him. 
His work during his later life concentrated on political themes. He wrote about his views on the October Revolution in The Twelve and with it he created one of the most controversial poems in the history of Russian poetry, causing many of his followers to distance themselves from him. He became depressed and removed himself from public scrutiny. Blok died at the age of 40 from heart failure caused by malnutrition due to the Civil War.