Pío Baroja (1872-1956)

Death: 30th October 1956
Location: Cementerio Civil de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain
Photo taken by: Strakhov
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Spanish writer, one of the key novelists of the Generation of '98. Baroja's first novel, La casa de Aizgorri / The House of Aizgorri (1900), is part of a trilogy called La Tierra Vasca / The Basque Country. This trilogy also includes El Mayorazgo de Labraz / The Lord of Labraz (1903), which became one of his most popular novels in Spain. Baroja is best known internationally for another trilogy, La lucha por la vida / The Struggle for Life (1922–1924), which offers a vivid depiction of life in Madrid's slums.  Baroja's masterpiece is considered to be El árbol de la ciencia / The Tree of Knowledge (1911), a pessimistic Bildungsroman that depicts the futility of the pursuit of knowledge and of life in general.