August Gailit (1891-1960)

Death: 5th November 1960
Location: Örebro Norra Kyrkogården (Northern Cemetery), Örebro, Närke, Sweden.
Photo taken by: Alos
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Estonian writer who in 1917, along with some other writers and poets, founded a literary group called "Siuru" whose erotic poems caused some scandal. The early prose of Gailit also contained erotic content and satire. Until the middle of the 1920's Gailit was strongly influenced by neo-romanticism. Oswald Spengler and Knut Hamsun also exerted great influence in his work. 
His famous novel, Toomas Nipernaadi (1928), describes the romantic and adventurous life of a vagabond. The novel has given modern Estonian the word "nipernaadi," a somewhat whimsical term for an adventurous traveler who wants to experience something off the beaten track or beyond the usual tourist sights. 
Some of his novels covered political issues such as the novel Isade maa (1935) which addressed the subject of the Estonian 1918-20 war of independence.