Malcolm Bradbury (1932-2000)

Death: 27th November 2000
Location: St. Mary the Virgin Churchyard, Tasburgh, Norfolk, England
Cause of death: Pneumonia
Photo taken by: Cameron Self of Literary Norfolk
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English author and academic. Bradbury was a productive academic writer; an expert on the modern novel, he published books on Evelyn Waugh, Saul Bellow and E. M. Forster. He is best known to a wider public as a novelist. 
Although he is often compared with David Lodge, his friend and a contemporary as a British exponent of the campus novel genre, Bradbury's books are consistently darker in mood and less playful both in style and language. Bradbury's best known novel The History Man, published in 1975, is a dark satire of academic life in the "glass and steel" universities – the then-fashionable newer universities of England that had followed their "redbrick" predecessors.