Władysław Reymont (1867-1925)

Powazki Cemetery -
Photo taken by: Ania Janeczko
Death: 5th December 1925
Location: Cmentarz Powązkowski / Powązki Cemetery, Warsaw, Poland (Body) and Bazylika Świętego Krzyża / Holy Cross Church, Warsaw, Poland (Heart)
Cause of death: Heart Failure
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Polish writer. Awarded the 1924 Nobel Prize in Literature for his great national epic, Chłopi / The Peasants.   His career as a writer started when he received a good response to the short stories he had published in magazines and he decided to write novels. The money that he received from his work he spent on travel. In 1900 he was injured in a train crash and was looked after by Aurelia Szacnajder Szabłowska, who he married.  
Holy Cross Church - 
Photo taken by:
Upon his death his heart was interred in a pillar of the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw and his body was laid to rest in the Powązki Cemetery.