Zaharia Stancu (1902-1974)

Death: 5th December 1974
Location: Cimitirul Bellu, Bucharest, Romania
Photo taken by:  Britchi Mirela
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Romanian prose writer, novelist and poet.  His first volume of poetry, Poeme simple / Simple Poems was published in 1927 and received the Romanian Writers' Prize. During World War II, he was imprisoned for his opposition to the fascist government and spent time in the Târgu Jiu internment camp for political prisoners. 
In 1948 his first important novel, Desculț / Barefoot, was published; it has been translated into thirty languages. After the Communist regime was established, he was a member of the Romanian Academy and the President of the Writers' Union of Romania, between 1966 and 1974. He won the Romanian State Prize for Literature and, in 1971, he was awarded the Herder Prize by the Austrian government.