Hilde Domin (1909-2006)

Death: 22nd February 2006
Location: Bergfriedhof Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
Photo taken by: Phaeton1
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German lyric poet and writer. She was among the most important German-language poets of her time.  Due to the increase of anti-semitism in Nazi Germany she, and her future husband, Erwin Palm, emigrated to Italy in 1932. However, the couple were forced to relocate again in 1939 due to the atmosphere of fascist Italy under Mussolini. They first went to England before being allowed to emigrate to the Dominican Republic, where they remained until 1954. Hilde took the pseudonym Hilde Domin, in gratitude to the country which offered her shelter. Her first volume of poetry, Nur eine Rose als Stütze, was published in 1959 and she continued to read her work to audiences until 2006. She was the recipient of the Nelly Sachs Prize in 1983.