Robert Brasillach (1909-1945)

Death: 6th February 1945
Location: Cimetière de Charonne, Paris, France
Cause of death: Execution by firing squad
Photo taken by:  Mu
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French author and journalist who was executed for collaborating with the Nazis. Bracillach openly supported fascism and wrote in favour of Nazi policies in Je suis partout, an anti-Semitic newspaper which he became editor of after the fall of France. He made his support known for the execution of members of the French Resistance and left-wing politicians. 
After Paris was liberated Bracillach went into hiding, but gave himself up after his mother was arrested. He spent five months in prison before going to trial on 19th January 1945, where he was sentenced to death.  There were protests against this decision by French intellectuals. Author François Mauriac, a member of the Resistance, was the leading opponent of the execution and he organised a petition for the sentence to be commuted. The protests were unsuccessful and Brasillach was executed by firing squad on 6th February.