Anna Wickham (Edith Alice Mary Hepburn) (1884 -1947)

Death: 1947
Location: St. Johns at Hampstead, London, England. Plot: Churchyard extension (G56)
Cause of death: Suicide - hanging
Photo taken by: DeadGoodBooks
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Anna Wickham was the pseudonym of British poet Edith Alice Mary Hepburn. She is remembered as a modernist figure and feminist writer.  She was born in Wimbledon, London, and brought up in Australia. She returned to London in 1904, where she had a drama scholarship. In 1906 she married Patrick Hepburn, a London solicitor, with whom she had four sons. 
Her first poetry collection, Songs by John Oland was published in 1911. She published a second collection in 1915 and this was the start of thirty years in which she mixed with literati in London and Paris; including D. H. Lawrence, Dylan Thomas, Natalie Barney and American poet H. D..