Daniel Defoe (1660-1731)

Death: 24th April 1731
Location: Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, London, England
Photo taken by: DeadGoodBooks
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English writer who is considered to be one of the earliest novelists and is best remembered for Robinson Crusoe. 
He was born Daniel Foe (he added the ‘De’ to his surname at a later date) and he was educated in Stoke Newington. After he finished his education he became a merchant, but was rarely free of debt. He married in 1684 and had eight children with his wife.
In 1685 he took part in the Monmouth Rebellion which resulted in him having to spend three years in exile. In 1692 his debts resulted in him being declared bankrupt and he was also arrested in 1703 for pamphleteering, which resulted in him spending time in Newgate Prison.
His best remembered novel Robinson Crusoe was published in 1719, and it is believed that Defoe based it on the true story of castaway Alexander Selkirk.