Alison Uttley (1884-1976)

Death: 7th May 1976
Location: Holy Trinity Church, Penn, Buckinghamshire, England
Photo taken by: Clive and Chris
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English author, best remembered for her series of books for children featuring Little Grey Rabbit. She studied physics at Manchester University and then trained to be a teacher at Cambridge. In 1908 she started teaching physics at Fulham Secondary School for Girls. In 1911 she married James Uttley with whom she had a son with. In 1930 she was widowed and started writing to support herself. 
Over the next forty-five years she produced over one-hundred books, the majority of which are for children. As well as the Little Grey Rabbit series she also wrote for older children and adults, particularly focusing on rural topics, notably in The Country Child (1931), a fictionalized account of her childhood experiences at her family farm home.