Jerzy Ficowski (1924-2006)

Death: 9th May 2006
Location: Powązki Cemetery (Cmentarz Powązkowski), Warsaw, Poland
Photo taken by: Mariusz Kubik
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Polish poet and biographer. He went to school in Warsaw, but was forced to give up his education in 1939 due to the German and Soviet invasions and he joined the underground movement. After surviving the 1944 Warsaw uprising he was imprisoned in Germany. After the Second World War he returned to Warsaw where he studied philosophy and sociology. He started to write poetry that dealt with those that had suffered the most under Nazi occupation; the Jews and the Roma. By the end of the 1970's all of his work had been banned in Poland and he was at the forefront of protests over censorship. In the 1980's the Solidarity movement in Poland resulted in his works appearing once again in Polish bookstores.