Jerome K. Jerome (Klapka) (1859-1927)

Death: 14th June 1927
Location: St Mary's Church, Ewelme, Oxfordshire, England
Cause of Death: Stroke
Photo Taken by: Chris and Clive
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English author, best remembered for writing Three Men in a Boat. His parents died in 1872, when Jerome was thirteen, and he went to work for the London and North Western Railway, where he remained for four years. He then had various jobs, including, actor, journalist, school teacher and clerk. In 1885 he achieved some success with the book On the Stage and Off, where he documented his experiences of working as an actor, and this was followed in 1886 by a collection of humorous essays entitled The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.
In 1888 he married and the couple took their honeymoon on the Thames, which greatly influenced his next novel Three Men in a Boat, which he started writing as soon as he returned from the honeymoon. The book became an instant success and has been adapted for film, television and stage. Jerome was able to dedicate himself to his writing, but was not able to repeat the success of Three Men in a Boat.