Philip K. Dick (Kindred) (1928-1982)

Death: 2nd March 1982
Location: Riverside Cemetery, Fort Morgan, Morgan County, Colorado, United States
Cause of Death: Heart Failure
Photo taken by: Wayne
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American author of Science Fiction novels and short stories. He was born in Chicago but after the death of his twin sister, six weeks after they were born, the family moved to California. He dropped out of the University of California and then briefly worked as a DJ before he sold his first short story in 1952; he then worked as full time writer. 
In 1963 he received the Hugo Award for The Man in the High Castle. Several of Dick’s novels and short stories have been adapted into Hollywood films, such as Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?), and Total Recall (We Can Remember It For You Wholesale). After his death he was buried beside his twin sister.