Winifred Holtby (1898-1935)

"God give me work till my life shall end
and life till my work is done".
Photo taken by: Milky
Death: 29th September 1935
Location: All Saints' Churchyard, Rudston, East Yorkshire, England
Cause of death: Chronic nephritis
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English novelist and journalist, best known for her novel South Riding.
Holtby studied at the University of Oxford where she met Vera Brittain, a fellow student and later the author of Testament Of Youth, with whom she maintained a lifelong friendship. Vera Brittain wrote about her friendship with Holtby in her book Testament of Friendship (1940). 
Holtby's early novels - Anderby Wold (1923), The Crowded Street (1924) and The Land of Green Ginger (1927) - met with moderate success. Holtby's fame was derived mainly from her journalism: she was prolific, and over the next decade and a half, she wrote for more than 20 newspapers and magazines.
Holtby began to suffer from high blood pressure and headaches in 1931 she was diagnosed as suffering from Bright’s disease (chronic nephritis). Her doctor gave her only two years to live. Aware of her impending death, Holtby put all her remaining energy into what became her most important book, South Riding, published posthumously in March 1936. The book won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for 1936 and has never been out of print since its publication.