James McClure (1939-2006)

Death: 17th June 2006
Cause of Death: Respiratory Illness
Location: Wallingford Cemetery, Oxfordshire, England.
Photo taken by: James McClure Jr.
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South-African author and journalist. He was born in Johannesburg and after a career as a teacher he became a journalist covering crime for local newspapers. 
His reporting of the brutality of the South African police during the era of apartheid brought him to the attention of the authorities, who put him under close observation and prompted his move to the United Kingdom with his family in 1965. 
He worked as a journalist in Edinburgh before moving to Oxford, where he became the editor of the Oxford Times and then the Oxford Mail
During the early 1970’s he started writing his series of Kramer and Zondi detective novels which drew on his experiences of South African apartheid. He was awarded the CWA Gold Dagger in 1971 for The Steam Pig and the CWA Silver Dagger in 1976 for Rogue Eagle. He also wrote two works of non-fiction on polices forces in Liverpool and San Diego.