Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

Death: 7th July 1930
Location: Minstead Churchyard, Minstead, Hampshire, England
Cause of Death: Heart Failure
Photo taken by: Clive and Chris
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Scottish author who is best remembered for his stories featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. As well as writing detective fiction, Doyle was a prolific author who produced science fiction, plays and poetry.
He attended Edinburgh University where he studied medicine. He set up a practice in Plymouth, Dorset where he started to write to pass the time whilst waiting for patients. His first successful story was A Study in Scarlet which was published in Beeton’s 1887 Christmas Annual. Doyle produced fifty-six stories and four novels featuring Sherlock Holmes but the character has appeared in many more novels written by other authors. In his later years, after the death of his wife and son, he became involved in spiritualism.