Auberon Waugh (1939-2001)

Death: 16th January 2001
Location: Saint Peter and Paul's Churchyard, Combe Florey, Somerset, England
Cause of death: Heart Disease
Photo taken by: Clive and Chris
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British author and journalist, the son of Evelyn Waugh. He began studying at Christ Church, Oxford but he was suspended and instead embarked on a career in journalism. Whilst completing his National Service he accidentally shot himself in the chest and lost his spleen and a lung and suffered from reoccurring infections for the rest of his life. It was while he was recovering from his injuries that he started to write his first novel, The Foxglove Saga.  During his career as a journalist he worked for the Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, The Daily Mail, Private Eye and The Independent, among others.  He wrote five novels before he gave up writing fiction as he felt that he was always going to be compared to his father.