Gerald Durrell (1925-1995)

Death: 30th January 1995
Location: Cremated, ashes under a memorial plaque at Jersey Zoo, Trinity, Jersey
Cause of death: Septicemia following a liver transplant
Photo: Man vyi
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British naturalist, zookeeper, author and conservationist. He is perhaps best remembered for writing a number of books based on his life as an animal collector and enthusiast. He was the youngest brother of the novelist Lawrence Durrell.
Perhaps his best-known work is My Family and Other Animals (1956), which tells of his idyllic, if oddball, childhood on Corfu. Durrell's works have been translated into 31 languages, and made into TV serials, and feature films. 
His ashes are buried in Jersey Zoo, under a memorial plaque bearing a quote by American naturalist William Beebe:
"The beauty and genius of a work of art may be re-conceived, though its first material expression be destroyed; a vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer; but when the last individual of a race of living beings breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again."
(The Bird, 1906)