Vladimir Mayakovsky (Влади́мир Маяко́вский) (1893-1930)

Death: 14th April 1930
Location: Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow, Russia
Cause of death: Suicide – gunshot
Photo taken by: Julia and Keld
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Russian poet and playwright. He developed a passion for Marxist literature whilst at school in Moscow, eventually becoming a member of the Bolshevik party. He was imprisoned several times for his political activities and whilst in solitary confinement in 1909 he began to write poetry. 
In 1911 he joined the Moscow Art School and he met members of Russia’s Futurist movement. His first poetry was published in 1912 and his reputation as a poet was established when his work became more narrative-based. In 1919 his first collection of poetry was published and his reputation and popularity grew. 
He had the privilege of being one of a very few Soviet writers who were free to travel both in and outside of Russia. Towards the end of the 1920’s he became disillusioned with Bolshevism and this political disappointment, along with attacks by critics, were contributing factors to his decision to shoot himself in the heart.