E. Nesbit (Edith) (1858-1924)

Death: 4th May 1924
Location: Saint Mary's Church, St-Mary-in-the-Marsh, Kent, England
Cause of Death: Cancer - Lung
Photo taken by: Clive and Chris
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English author who is remembered for her books for children. She was born in London, but the ill health of her sister meant that the family moved several times during Edith’s childhood before staying for several years in Halstead, Kent. Halstead was an inspiration for Nesbit’s most famous work The Railway Children. When she was 19 she met Hubert Bland, a bank clerk. In 1880, when Edith was seven months pregnant, the couple married. They had an open marriage, Bernard Shaw was one of Edith’s lovers and Hubert had an affair that produced two children.  As well as her writing she was political activist and her and Hubert were involved in the founding of the Fabian Society, a forerunner of the Labour Party.